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Freesat V7 DVB-S2 / MPEG-4, FullHD Satellite Receiver

Written By Pradeep Tomar on Friday, June 9, 2017 | 12:16:00 PM

Freesat V7 DVB-S2 / MPEG-4, FullHD Satellite Receiver

HighLight :

1、1080P Full  HD DVB-S2
2、Support USB PVR Ready and USB wifi to Network Sharing
3、Support Full speed USB 3G dongle
4、Support YouTube, Youporn via usb Wifi dongle
Freesat V7 DVB-S2 / MPEG-4, FullHD Satellite Receiver
Where to Buy:
You can buy from here in India

General Specification:
DVB-S/S2 Complian
Video Modulator
Power Supply
Input DC 12V/2A
Video Decode
AC-3,MPEG-2 MP@HL;H.264 BP MP&HP@L4.1;AVS profile@L6.1/4.0/2.0
Automatic PAL/NTSC conversion
Channels Number
3000 channels TV and Radio programmable
8 different favorite groups selection
OSD Language
English German French Portuguese Spanish Italian Russian Turkish Polish Arabic Fars
Fully support to 7 days Electronic Program Guide(EPG)
OSD Color
16-bit OSD with anti-flickering
Channel Search
Channel search in automatic, manual and network search
Channel Edit
Various channel editing function(favorite,move,lock,skip,delete,rename,find,sort)
Parental Ctrl
Parental control for channels
Easy Menu
Plug and Play installation, with an easy to use Menu System
Software upgrade through USB
Time Set
Time set by GMT offset automatic and manual,Summer Time support
5 event timers,off/Once/Daily/Weekly Mode
Subtitle support
VBI insertion for Teletext
Save Channel
Automatic save for last channel
IV.Electric Performance
1.Memory Size:
 Flash Memory 32MB Serial Flash
 DDR2 Memory 512M Bits
2.DVB-S2 Tuner
Input Frequency Range 950MHZ-2150MHZ
Input Impedance 75Ω
RF input Signal LEVEL -80/-20dBM
Active Ant Power 13/18V DC @ 400mA MAX,Overload Protection
3.DVB-S2 Channel Decode
Demod standard DVB-S2 Standard
MPEG Profile Level AC-3,MPEG-2 MP@HL;H.264 BP MP&HP@L4.1
Demodulation QPSK,8PSK,16APSK,32APSK
4.USB Decode
PVR Support
Media Supporting
USB media player to playback the media in USB flash disk or USB HDD or USB card reader with memory card
File system FAT32, NTFS (only support first partition)
USB PVR with USB HDD, Time shifting with USB HDD
USB Wifi Support (RT5370 module)
5.Multimedia support format
movie mkv, mp4, avi, flv, f4v, ts, m2ts, mov, 3gp
music mp3
photo JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF
6.Video Decode
Video Decode High Definition MPEG4 AVC/H.264 HP@L4.1,MPEG-2 MP@HL/ML
Aspect Ratio Auto, 16:9 Pillar box, 4:3 Pan & Scan, 4:3 Letter Box
7.Audio Decode
Audio Decode MPEG1 layer I, MPEG1 layer II, MPEG1 layer III, MPEG2 AAC, MPEG4 HE-AAC
Sampling Frequency 32KHz, 44.1KHz, 48KHz
Input Voltage Input 110V ~240V, 50/60Hz DC12V/1.2A
Consumption 10W Max
Temperature 0℃ to +50℃

Humidity <95%

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SOLID HDS2-6363 Mini ITBox with MPEG-4, DVB-S2, HD Satellite Card

Written By Pradeep Tomar on Saturday, April 22, 2017 | 2:39:00 AM

KMTS Engineering Pvt LTD (SOLID Brands) brings a brand new mini Set-top box cum IT Box. This set-top box is same as HDS2-6303, everything is same except ram size. HDS2-6303 have 1GB ram (Software File Size 8mb and it has 512mb ram (software file Size 4MB).
It has internet connectivity function; you can attach WiFi adapter dongle and connect with your hotspot. By connecting internet you can watch YouTube in your television set.
For free-To-Air television it is fully HD TV channels supported in Stereo audio format, MPEG-4 and latest DVB-S2 technology inbuilt. You can scan satellite TV channels by using Blind scan, present scan and auto scan features. You can also use multi-satellite scan features to scan all satellites.

You can also use 4in1 and 8in1 DisEqc Switch with this box. It has powerful national chip-set motherboard which will provide you great picture quality.

What is price?
Price is about Rs.1050 to 1200 only

Where you can buy?
You can buy from SOLID official website

What is best usages?
You can buy for ABS Freedish, DD Freedish, Other FTA channels and YouTube.

Here are detail HDS2-6363 specifications:

1-Supprot USB Wi-Fi Antenna &IPTV
2-Support Network Apps (you tube etc)
3-Two high Speed USB 2.0
4-Fully Compliant with the DVB-S2 digital TV Reception Standards
5-Support /SDTV MPEG2/MPEG4/H.264 decoding
6-Support 480i/480/576i/576p/720p/1080p
7-Convenient auto search Function
8-Intelligent graphical USAR interface design
9-Capacity for storing up to 2000 Transponders and 4000 channels
10-Support DVB-S/S2 digital TV signal modulated in QPSK/8PSK/16APSK/32APSK
11-Input frequency range 950MHz-2150MHz
12-Supprot DiSEqc 1.0 /DiSEqc 1.2
13-Reception for SCPC/MCPC.C+Ku Band reception
14-Fast channels Selection
15-Favorite Channels edit .parental lock
16- Variable aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9) 4:3 pan &scan or letter box mode
17-Support USB 2.0 and OTA software upgrade
18-Support USB 2.0 PVR, MP3/WMA,AVI /MP4/BMP/JPG photo playback

You can view un-boxing YouTube video and see what is coming in the gift box.

please give your comments for this box.

SOLID HDS2-6303 Set-Top Box cum IT Box Specifications, Price and Review

Written By Pradeep Tomar on Wednesday, February 22, 2017 | 12:07:00 AM

Hello Friends, as you know at this time SOLID is no.1 brand in India for free-to-air set-top box manufacturers / importer.

SOLID launched its brand new set-top box with different features and price. Although set-top box price is very affordable as compare its features.

Yes, this is very good free-to-air set-top box to access worldwide freetoair TV channels by connecting Dish or DTH antennas. This set-top box is fully compliant with the DVB-S / DVB-S2 digital reception standards.

HD Reception:
Yes, this set-top box can receive MPEG-2/MPEG-4 HDTV high-definition reception till 1080p ratio with stereo audio output.

Internet Connectivity:
SOLID HDS2-6303 FTA set-top box supports wifi adapter (USB Dongle) to get internet connectivity to access YouTube and other web applications.

Yes, Solid HDS2-6303 have two high speed USB 2.0 ports to connect wifi adapter to access YouTube and USB pen drives to access and record media files.

yes, you can connect you HDTV with HDMI high speed cable, it has single HDMI port in backside.

Rs.1050 to 1450 (Approx)

Where to Buy :
You can buy from SOLID official website at . It is also available on many online stores like eBay and other sites.

SOLID HDS2-6303 Set-Top Box cum IT Box Specifications, Price and Review

Functions Preview:
Auto Scan / Blind Scan / Present Scan
Support EPG (Channel Electronic Program guide)
Channel Lock Facility
Favourite Program List
Support USB2.0
USB Recording Facility
Support some USB media formats
Can save upto 2000 Transponders
Can save upto 4000 channels
Inbuilt Network / Internet applications

Chip: National Chip
Ram: 512mb
Frequency: 950MHz-2150MHz
Modulation: QPSK/8PSK/16APSK/32APSK
Symbol Rate: 1~44999
Decoding: SDTV/HDTV/MPEG2/MPEG4/H.264
USB 2.0 - 2 ports
DiSEqc - 1.0 /1.2
Reception: SCPC/MCPC.C+Ku

Installation Videos:

It cannot play all media formats by USB pen drive or hard disk-few formats can play.
It cannot support HD channel above 1080p
It will not support HD channel audio if audio is coming above 2.1 channels.

For more set-top box details you can visit us on,

SOLID HDS2-6105 Price, Specification, Function, Features and Installation

Written By Pradeep Tomar on Tuesday, October 18, 2016 | 12:00:00 AM

SOLID HDS2-6105 Price, Specification, Function, Features and Installation

SOLID Brand launched new set-top box in attractive look and attractive price. This set-top box is best for low space in your home; you can connect this free-to-air Full HD set-top box to any LED or LCD TV for best viewing experience. You can play audio or video media format from USB. (Please note: its support only few file formats, not all).
SOLID HDS2-6105 Price, Specification, Function, Features and Installation

SOLID HDS2-6105 Price, Specification, Function, Features and Installation

You can also play recorded media files to your computer or laptop or mobile by using VLC or MX player. This set-top box is suitable with DD Freedish, ABS Freedish or with type dish antenna weather you are using with C-Band and Ku-Band. It has very good tuning speed with latest chipset.

Recently SOLID launched HDS2-6069 with same look and function, and now SOLID brings another model in same category, like looks and functions. Only difference is that old HDS2-6069 has Dolby audio input for free-to-air HD channels but HDS2-6105 is missing for this feature.

Here is difference:
HDS2-6069 is Dolby supported but this feature not available in HDS2-6105.
HDS2-6105 is cheaper then HDS2-6069, about Rs.150-250.

Where to Buy:
You can buy it from SOLID official website :

You can also buy from Amazon with Easy Return Policy and warantee. - Click here to Buy From Amazon

Here is details features and Functions for HDS2-6105 set-top box.
  • Fully compliant with the DVB-S2 digital TV Reception standards
  • Support SDTV MPEG-2/ MPEG-4/ H.264 decoding.
  • Support 480i/480p/576i/576p/720p/1080p.
  • Convenient auto search function
  • Intelligent graphical user interface design
  • Capacity of stroing up to 2000 transponders and 4000 TV channels
  • Support DVB-S/S2 digital TV signal modulated in QPSK/8PSK.
  • Input frequency range 950 MHz to 2150 MHz
  • Support DiSEqc1.0 and DiSEqc1.2
  • Reception for SCPC/MCPC, C/ku Band reception
  • Fast channel selection
  • Favourite channel Edit, parental lock
  • Variable aspect radio (4:3, 16:9) 4:3 Pan and Scan or Letter Box modes
  • Support USB 2.0 and OTA software upgrade.
  • Support USB 2.0 PVR, MP3, JPG photo playback.

For more information of latest fta set-top boxes, please keep visit us on

SOLID Launched HDS2-6078 DVB-S2, FullHD, MPEG-4 Set-Top Box

Written By Pradeep Tomar on Thursday, July 28, 2016 | 4:39:00 AM

SOLID Launched HDS2-6078 DVB-S2, FullHD, MPEG-4 Set-Top Box
SOLID is no.1 brand for free-to-air set-top boxes and other dth accessories. This month July 2016, SOLID bringing you a brand new set-top box in MPEG-4 / HD quality with lowest price ever.

What is Price?
You can get this set-top box from Rs.1050 to 1250

Where to Buy? :
You can buy from SOLID's official website on

What is good in this HDS2-6078 set-top box?
You will get MPEG-4 / DVB-S2 / FullHD technology with Live TV recording function.
You can also connect your mobile hotspot to this box to use Sunplus Android app.
Set-Top Box size is also good and looks smart but not better then HDS2-6069
It has sunplus advance chipset for better picture quality.
Without any sound speaker, you can hear signal beep to install your dish antenna.
It also has key editor with shortcut button (Green Button in remote).
It is very good for FTA channels with multi satellite functions.

What is not good in this HDS2-6078 set-top box?
You can not play recorded media to computer or laptop.
You can not play other outside video file to this box, only support mp3/images.
It has network connectivity function with dongle but no uses because IPTV / Youtube or other apps not available.
Its support flash 4MB, so you can install 4MB softwares only.

youtube video

Full Specifications :
Fully compliant with DVB-S2 Reception standards
HDTV/SDTV MPEG -2 & MPEG-4 H.264 Decoding
Support 576i /576p/720p/1080p
Convenient AUTO search function
Intelligent graphical user interface design
Capacity for storing up to 2000 Transponders and 5000 channels
Support DVB-S/S2 Digital TV signal modulated in QPSK/8PSK
Input Frequency range 950MHz-2150MHz.
Support DiSEqc1.0/DisEqc1.1/DiSEqc1.2/DiSC 1.3.
Reception for SCPC/MCPC, C+KU Band
Channel edits function including favourite Move. Delete Lock .Skip .Rename
Variable aspect ratio 4:3 Full, 16:9 widescreen .4:3 Letterbox or AUTO Modes
2 X USB 2.0 port at back
Support USB 2.0 and OTA Software upgrade.

SOLID Replaced Set-Top Box HDS2-6042 to IT Box HDS2-6069

Written By Pradeep Tomar on Thursday, June 2, 2016 | 6:32:00 AM

SOLID Replaced Set-Top Box HDS2-6042 to IT Box HDS2-6069

As you know, that Solid HDS2-6042 was best selling set-top box of year 2015. India's first cute looking MPEG-4 / Full HD free to air set-top box.

SOLID company now replaced this model HDS2-6042 to new upgraded model with IT Box HDS2-6069. It has same function of HDS2-6042 and some extra features.

According to company, Solid HDS2-6069 have upgraded chipset which support wifi module, but currently this set-top box not have any internet application. It means you can connect this set-top box to your wifi router but you cannot access any application based on Internet. Company is working for its applications.

Price Rs.1700
Where to Buy : You can buy from Solid official website
HDS2-6069 also available on Amazon by Cash on Delivery - You can buy from here.

Previous model no HDS2-6042 not supports Dolby sound of HD TV channels, but this set-top box can receive AC3 sound from HDTV channels. Also you can play its recorded media to laptop and computer as well.

for updates of new set-top boxes in market. keep visit us. If you have any set-top box with good features, you can post on this blog. send your set-top box information to

SOLID HDS2-6033 Set-Top Box Upgraded with HDS2-6150

Written By Pradeep Tomar on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 | 7:05:00 AM

SOLID HDS2-6033 Set-Top Box Upgraded with HDS2-6150

SOLID HDS2-6033 Set-Top Box Upgraded with HDS2-6150

Where to Buy :
You can buy from,, Shopclues and marginprice.

Price Rs.2000

Technical Specifications:
  • Fully compliant with DVB-S2 Reception standards .
  • HDTV/SDTV MPEG -2 & MPEG-4 H.264 Decoding
  • Support  576i /576p/720p/1080p.
  • Convenient AUTO search  fuction
  • Intelligent graphical  user  interface design
  • Capacity  for storing up to 2000 Transponders  and 5000 channels
  •  Support DVB-S/S2 Digital  TV signal modulated  in QPSK/8PSK .
  •  Input Frequency  range  950MHz-2150MHz.
  • Support DiSEqc1.0/DisEqc1.1/DiSEqc1.2/DiSE1.3.
  • Reception for SCPC/MCPC. C+KU Band
  •  Channel edit  fuction including  favourite .Move . Delete  Lock .Skip .Rename
  • Variable aspect  ratio 4:3 full ,16:9 wide &screen .4:3 Letter Box or AUTO Modes
  • USB 2.0 port at front and bottom .
  •  Support  USB 2.0 and OTA Software  upgrade .
  • Support USB2.0  PVR .MP3
  • AVI.DAT . MKV.MP4 MPG. VOB.WMA 2BMP.JPG photo playback
  • Sharp Tuner inside
  • Support Wifi Adapter ( Wifi Adapter not included)

Please note this set-top box is only for free-to-air only, any changes in hardware and software warranty would be void and you would be responsible for all complaints.

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